West Highland Terrier (Westie) Puppy Apron

West Highland Terrier (Westie) Puppy Apron

Don't mess with me'
The Westie said
Whilst sitting on your knee

'For though quite small
I could exhaust
You with my energy.'

• Full bib style apron with an adjustable neck strap to provide maximum comfort.

• Made from high-quality 100% machine washable cotton.

• Apron measures 69cm wide, 89cm long. Side ties each measure approximately 66cm long.

Product Code: LG-APR015
It's true this little bundle of energy is more than capable of exhausting even the fittest of owners. He's alert, bright and a very, very lively little fellow and his sheer vitality is perfectly captured in the latest addition to Leslie Gerry's animal designed range. On this quality apron, made from 100% twill cotton, the beloved Westie strikes an arresting pose. His inquisitive expression and pert ears show him in a state of readiness....but ready for what ? Is it a cat...is it a rat...or is his owner donning his hat. That would mean a walk.....Whatever has grabbed his attention he's ready for it as he has indeed energy to burn. All this vitality is set against a calming background design of mustard and magenta and the impact is stunning. The apron, which is machine washable and measures 72cm wide, 89cm long, would make a stylish addition to any kitchen and a great gift for dog lovers and art lovers alike.